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  • Sterilizer


    Equipment model: sterilizer
    Equipment brand: Tetra Pak
    Equipment capacity: 33 tons/hour
    Date of manufacture: 2015

  • Tetra Pak Pasturizer

    Tetra Pak Pasturizer

    Brand: Tetra Pak Tetra Pak
    Model: Tetra Pak Pasturizer
    Origin: Italy
    Condition: 90% new
    Production capacity: 2 tons/hour 4.1 tons/hour 10 tons/hour
    Applicable products: milk, yogurt, beverages
    Degree of automation: fully automatic
    Type: pasteurizer, tube sterilizer

  • Tube sterilizer

    Tube sterilizer

    Equipment Name: Tube Sterilizer
    Model: TA Flex 1 THE
    Specification: 4.3T/H
    Appearance size: 6000*1530*1400
    Sterilization temperature: 138°C
    Date of manufacture: 2003
    Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Sweden
    Application: Sterilization of vacuum flexible packaged foods such as fruit and vegetable juice drinks, jams, milk, etc.