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about Us

Sichuan Zongheng Tianlue Technology Co., Ltd.

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Zonghengtianlue builds a new, efficient and high-quality one-stop network information sharing platform for global dairy beverage equipment buying and selling through its professional equipment knowledge and rich experience, and has established a keen insight into the industry and the ability to reach customers. With an understanding of vertical industries and a deep understanding of pain points, in the field of innovative business models, Zonghengtianlue leverages the advantages of Internet tools and technologies to restructure the value chain to improve efficiency, load services, and help customers do business. Through platforms, Products, technologies and services help traditional enterprises transform and upgrade, improve efficiency, make in-depth changes, and tap more customers in the Internet competition landscape.

Zonghengtianlue aims to help companies grasp market trends and quickly obtain market opportunities. With the help of abundant resources, it comprehensively collects global high-quality second-hand dairy beverage equipment buying and selling information, and explores new market opportunities in the fierce market competition. It is committed to serving the world Dairy beverage manufacturers and dairy beverage equipment suppliers provide a professional and efficient one-stop network information sharing platform for buying and selling dairy beverage equipment.

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